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Wireless Home Security.

When home alarms first became available, wireless technology hadn’t even been invented yet. That meant that everything was installed with wires, wires everywhere: wires running through your home’s walls and ceilings, snaking out to the master and secondary keypads and into your home’s landline phone system. This lasted a few years until a replacement was necessary. If you didn’t pay for an upgrade, your wall looked like a patient permanently cut open on the operating table – your alarm system guts spilling out everywhere.

Then along came wireless alarm, which are slowly nudging wired systems off the market. Wireless alarm systems offer huge advantages over wired systems – they’re less obtrusive, easier to install, and are affordable – making them the alarm of choice for many of today’s homeowners.

How can a Home Security System benefit you?

One of our basic desires is to feel safe inside our buildings and to make sure it’s secure while we are away. Modern day security systems are reliable and simple enough to use so it won’t be a chore to use them. Our clients especially like the ability to integrate security systems with their mobile devices for added user friendliness.

Thanks to technological advances, a security system can do more than just keep burglars away.

In fact, some security systems can control the temperature of your home, monitor your children's whereabouts, and even let the babysitter in when you're away from home.

To make this happen, applications are enabled using simple Z-Wave automation devices like motion detectors, door and window sensors, cameras, lighting and door lock controls. 

It can reduce your home insurance and with a properly installed system will increase the resale value of the home.

Allow Senior Citizens to Maintain their Independence:

Some senior citizens prefer to live on their own and if that's the case for a loved one in your family, you'll be happy to know that certain home security systems can help ensure their safety. For example, using motion detectors, you could program a system to notify you (through the security system's app on your Smartphone or tablet) if a person is in the bathroom longer than a set amount of time. This will help alert you of any suspicious activity. And if you're concerned about an elderly person who's likely to forget to turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat, you could set your alarm to do it automatically.

The core elements of home security include:

  1. Surveillance (seeing what is happening inside and outside your home)
  2. Sensors (knowing when there is movement, water, fire or smoke in your home)
  3. Locks (securing your home with physical barriers)

Check out what a multi sensor from Fibaro a can do.

Aim for an expandable home security system..

As you and your family grow and change, your needs change too. Our wireless home security systems are portable, flexible, and adapts to you. With a child on the way, you might want to add a camera to your nursery – no problem. When your kids become more mobile, you can add extra sensors to kitchen cabinets or the fridge. If you're travelling more for business or go on a vacation and need to hire a petsitter, it's simple to add a smart lock to let them come and go. No matter what you may need to add in the future, you can be confident now that your security system will expand when the time comes.

Be a ware of the security systems sold in department stores and the likes, they come in kid form with a number of sensors, cameras and a control unit. They can not be expanded and when a sensor or camera fails you can't replace it.

We can advise you on the product best suited to your needs.

You should choose a Z-Wave Alliance system like Fibaro because it can be integrated with an existing alarm system.

Each system component may operate independently of the central unit. If the central unit is damaged and the system detects e.g. a fire, each component will decide independently whether to pull up roller blinds, open the windows, doors, activate smoke venting system etc. You don't need a VPN connection or a static IP address to remotely control the system.